T-Shirt sponsoring Tegernbach fire department

The Tegernbach fire department were provided with new clothing by ETA Heiztechnik for the celebration of their 100th anniversary.

T-Shirt sponsoring Tegernbach fire department

Directors DI Ferdinand Tischler and Ing. Helmut Orgler handed over the T-shirts for the entire team to Commander Erwin Auinger.
During the regional competition in St.Agatha on 24 May 2014, the competitive group with the new T-shirts even managed to achieve a special result - 1st place in Bronze and Silver respectively.
Thus a perfect start for the newly clad competitive group in their anniversary year.
On 13 and 14 September 2014, the Tegernbach fire department celebrated the 100th anniversary of their founding on the Hofbühne.
The Tegernbach fire department would once more like to thank ETA Heiztechnik for their generous donation.
Already last year ETA received the "fire department-friendly company" award.

In the picture:
Handing over the T-shirts:
Directors Ing. Helmut Orgler and DI Ferdinand Tischler (left), Commander Erwin Auinger (3rd from right) with the squad and the competition group of the Tegernbach fire department

Source: Bezirksrundschau