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Test: Special energy

Heating with wood pellets: environmentally friendly and cheap

Stiftung Warentest

With a wood pellet boiler, you heat largely without impacting the environment and even cheaper than with oil or gas, as the re-growing raw material wood is widely available in these parts and doesn't have to be imported. What is important though is that the boiler burns the energy stored in the wood with high efficiency, and it also releases few contaminants into the environment, Stiftung Warentest underline. For the Special Energy test report, they tested ten wood pellet boilers, above all for their energy efficiency and their environmental properties.

Extract from the press release from 29/05/2009 /
Source: "Stiftung Warentest"

In Stiftung Warentest's market analysis from July 2009, ETA achieved a quality evaluation with the overall mark of "GOOD" (2.5)!

Under the heading "Fire under control", ten wood pellet boilers were looked at under the magnifying glass and compared. The analysis criteria included energy efficiency, environmental properties, handling, safety and workmanship. With a points score of 2.5 and the grade of "GOOD", the same as the overall winner, ETA achieved 3rd place with the ETA PE 15.

Especially positively assessed was the use of wood energy, clean combustion (the measured dust emissions are very low) as well as the easy operation.

You can find the detailed analysis