Pegasus in Bronze for ETA Heiztechnik

For the 20th time, on 6 June 2013 the Upper Austrian Economic PEGASUS Prize of the OÖ News was awarded (in cooperation with the Raiffeisen Landesbank, State of Upper Austria, KPMG, the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Association). This anniversary was celebrated in the Brucknerhaus in Linz.

Pegasus in Bronze for ETA Heiztechnik

ETA Heiztechnik GmbH was once more nominated in the category "The backbone - 50 to 249 employees" - with success.
The Pegasus in Bronze went to ETA and thus completed the "Pegasus Family".
The Pegasus in Silver was already awarded in 2007, and the Pegasus in Gold was awarded to ETA Heiztechnik in 2010. So the slogan "a passion for perfection" was confirmed once again and also gives us the motivation to achieve this award in other categories.

The Pegasus was received by both directors, DI Ferdinand Tischler and Ing. Helmut Orgler.

Pegasus for the best medium-sized companies: Helmut Orgler and Ferdinand Tischler (ETA Heiztechnik) with the Pegasus in Bronze, Josef Priglinger and authorised officer Rupert Peherstorfer (Biohort GmbH) with the Pegasus in Gold and Michael Thiel (Frauscher Sensortechnik) with the Pegasus in Silver - well-wisher Rudolf Trauner (WKOÖ)

   Pegasus in Bronze certificate

Source: OÖ News,
Photos: Volker Weihbold