New federal subsidy in AUSTRIA

A campaign of the climate and energy fund of the Austrian Federal Government.

New federal subsidy in AUSTRIA

When buying a pellet or a wood chip heating system between 02/05/2011 to 31/10/2011, a one-off subsidy of 500.00 EUR will be paid by the Federal Government

- the application is exclusively to be made online at and must be submitted BEFORE delivery and installation
- Pellet and wood chip systems of up 50 kW which fulfil the guidelines acc. to UZ 37 are subsidised
- Primarily private use must be ensured
- Combination with the 2011 renovation check is NOT allowed
- Additional subsidies of the states and communities may be applied
- When replacing the old device, it must bedemonstrably disposed of
- The heating system must be installed properly and according to standards by an authorised specialist
- A verifiable inspection by the chimney sweep is required

More information on this campaign can be found at

Wood heating 2011 guidelines