Expoenergy 2016 - World premiere of ETA’s new wood chip boiler

In proven ETA manner and according to our motto "A passion for Perfection" we mastered again our presence at the Expoenergy in Wels, 24. By 28 February 2016th


ETA presented the new design for the following boilers:


ETA eHACK (available from September 2016) - the development of a 10-year success story: with new combustion chamber and integrable electrostatic precipitator. In addition to the fine and contemporary boiler design, a robust segment rotating grate was introduced and the return temperature riser was integrated into the boiler.



ETA SH 20 to 60 kW (available from 2017): After 46,000 produced boilers, ETA is redesigning the proven wood gasification boilers: the thermal properties have been further optimized, also the user friendliness for both heating engineers as well as for operators has been improved. In addition, the design is new.



ETA PC 20 to 50 kW (available from 2017): the ETA PelletsCompact is strong enough for larger buildings and needs only little space. Now it has got a new design and more innovative features, including a capacitive touch display for easy operation.


Not only the new boiler designs were presented - ETA showed other innovations as well:



ETA PE-K 110 to 220 kW (available now): compact system for heavy duty. The robust pellet boiler ETA PE-K is being used for heating large residences and commercial businesses for quite a time. Now they are also available with outputs 110-220 kW. ETA uses its proven combustion technology from the ETA wood chip boilers 110-220 kW and fine-tuned it to meet the requirement of pellets.



External electrostatic precipitators (ETA EEP) for ETA HACK and PE-K (available now): What kind of wood is processed into wood chips? How high is the water content? How much bark was processed as well? - Depending on the chip quality the amount of dust particles in the exhaust gas varies. Therefore, it is not always easy to comply with the emission limits. The particle separator of ETA ensures trouble-free operation in this regard.


New room sensor: without control elements. Of course, a control element, on which the desired temperature can be set is quite useful, but it is not always necessary, sometimes not at all useful - or, as in public places, not desired. Therefore, we have now introduced this new cost-effective room sensor for installation in a flush-mounted switch box. The housing can also be combined with the most common switch frames. The communication with the ETA control is done directly via the RS485 bus.



Contemporary individual room temperature control

The bedroom cool, living and children's room warm? With single room control, rooms or heating circuits can be heated individually. The temperature is regulated automatically to meet the desired target temperature by the room sensor. Caution: The ETA individual room control can only be realized in conjunction with a buffer tank and is only compatible with ETAtouch controls manufactured after May, 2013.


Solar heat metering

ETA is now offering a complete solution for solar heat quantity measurement, as it is required by the Funding Guidelines (BAFA in Germany, the country subsidies in Austria). The temperature is measured with an immersion sensor in the flow and a built-in flow sensor probe in the return. The calculated amount of heat, the current power output, flow temperature, return temperature and flow rate can be clearly visualized on the ETAtouch control.


New cost-effective control extensions

Not always a control extension with lots of outputs is required: ETA is now offering two new control extensions especially for lower requirements. A CAN bus connection to visualize the entire heating system on the ETAtouch control is sufficient. If only a heating extension for one mixed heating circuit (or three pump outputs) is required, the new and cost-effective control extension T1-W can be used from now on. One flow temperature sensor and 10 meters CAN-Bus cable are included in the scope of delivery.


Available now: New graphical user interface

Usability refers to the way how customers perceive the service of our touch control. Easy orientation, intuitive control and comfortable menu navigation are the high claims we set for our products. According to our motto "A Passion for Perfection", we are working on restructuring our control concept and design.