ETA bursting at the seams!

Business expansion East / phase I

The company building will be expanded with the "ETA Business Expansion East" construction project.

ETA bursting at the seams!

On the newly purchased 40,000 m site,2a total of 115,000 m will be created in construction phase I.3developed space:

- a logistics centre of 10,000 m2
  planned completion mid-2009
- a test facility covering 750 m2 which is state-of-the-art
  planned completion at end of 2009
- an office building with in-house canteen covering 3,750 m2
  planned completion at the beginning of 2010

The link between the existing company building and the new build forms a connecting corridor with automatic boiler conveyor belt over the Rottenbacher Strasse (L 518).