Energie Genie 2008

ETA PE 7 and 11 PelletsUnit receive award

Energie Genie 2008

Presented for the first time on the occasion of the Energy Saving Fair Wels, a new, small PelletsUnit ETA PE with 7 to 11 kW boiler output was honoured with this year's innovation prize.
Representatives from politics and business awarded the coveted prize. We were the first in the sector to develop a complete device for "pellets" fuel in the way it was previously only possible with "gas" fuel.
With the unique ETA PE PelletsUnit, ETA Heiztechnik opens up news opportunities to heat only with pellets: it fits just about anywhere thanks to the integration of the heating mixer, circulation pump, hot water tank changeover valve, return riser and expansion tank in the boiler. Thanks to balanced flue mode, now a boiler room is not even needed.
Operation of the boiler and weather-controlled regulation via touchscreen with corresponding graphical interface for the first time allows the settings to be made intuitively without having to study the operating manual ad nauseum.

The numerous prizes and awards won in the past year have confirmed that we're on the right path:
"The vision to develop heating systems which are particularly environmentally-friendly is confirmed with each new award", both directors Tischler and Orgler gladly celebrate.

DI Ferdinand Tischler in an interview with ORF, Ing. Helmut Orgler in an interview with ORF and WT1.

ETA PU 7 to 11 kW PelletsUnit- THE
solution for all new builds, low-energy and terraced houses.
Set up, connect – the boiler room is ready!
In Austria, the new compact PelletsUnit is available as the Logano SP 241 from Buderus Austria.

f.l.t.r.: LH J. Pühringer, Bavarian Environment Minister Otmar Bernhard, Director Ing. Helmut Orgler (ETA),
Ing. Kurt Baier (ETA), BM Josef Pröll, Johannes Lehner (ETA), LR Rudi Anschober,
Dr. Dell from the Energy Saving Association
Source: Rundschau