The ETAtouch family is complete!!!

In order to ensure that we will always offer our customers the best solutions for biomass heating, our existing products are also continuously developed further. That is why the ETA SH wood chip boiler and the ETA SH-TWIN combination boiler are available with touch control from now on.


Everything is taken care of with just two taps of your finger
on the ETAtouch control system's touchscreen. The icons on the screen are self-explanatory. With the first tap, you select the part of the heating system you want to change. With the second, you select the function to change. And you get this convenience for the entire heating system, including solar panels.

Can be controlled remotely with ETAtouch

With ETAtouch, a boiler can be remotely operated via smartphone, tablet or PC if the boiler room has an internet-capable LAN connection.

Worldwide access via"meinETA"
Remote access is possible via the "meinETA" internet platform, which is free of charge for ETA customers. After registering on this platform, you can access the boiler from anywhere in the world via the internet. With a tablet from the living room sofa or a PC at the hotel, and of course with any smartphone. Access to the boiler is protected by user name and password.
To see how remote operation of your boiler could work, visit

If you have forgotten about your boiler, it sends you an email
When the boiler is running faultlessly and the ash box (on ETA TWIN) needs emptying only once or twice a year, you won't need to look after it every day. But if it does need human intervention, it will send you an e-mail.

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