Blauer Engel (Blue Angel)

ETA PE-K pellet boilers receive prize

ETA PE-K pellet boiler receives the "classic" of German environmental awards!

Blauer Engel (Blue Angel)

Once more, "A passion for perfection" has been given an award.
The ETA PE-K 35 and 50 kW pellet boilers were honoured with the "Blauer Engel" award.

The Blauer Engel is the first and oldest environmental protection related label in the world for products and services.
The mission with which the environmental award is associated is clearly defined:
The Blauer Engel promotes both environmental issues as well as consumer protection. That is why products are honoured that are particularly environmentally-friendly from a holistic viewpoint and at the same time meet high demands for health and occupational protection, as well as usability.
Economic use of raw materials, manufacture, consumption, lifetime and disposal - all aspects are very important.