ETATouch: the touchscreen on the boiler
Confusingly arranged buttons and control systems are a thing of the past, because now you can quickly and easily control all settings with the ETA touchscreen. The icons are self-explanatory. Whether you want to make it warmer overall or cooler, change the time for night-setting or want to switch to eco mode during your vacation - you will tap on the right symbol intuitively and completely without operating manuals!

You not only control your boiler via the touchscreen, but also have an overview of all connected components, such as buffer storage tank, pellet store, solar heating system or hot water preparation. You know straightaway, for example, how many pellets you still have in store or how effective your solar heating system was.

meinETA: the free internet platform
If your heating boiler is connected to the internet, you can see and change all heating settings on your mobile, tablet or PC. So you always have a handle on your heating, wherever you are! When you login to, you see the touchscreen as if you were standing right in front of the boiler!

The pellet store needs filling, the ash bin must be emptied, it's time for the next heating service... You don't have to remember all these things yourself. meinETA reminds you for free by email.

Quick help
Give your installer or the ETA customer service representative temporary access rights to your meinETA account. So they can prepare for their visit to you. And maybe the technician doesn't even have to visit, because thanks to meinETA they can tell you over the phone what you need to do to make your heating work again. You can see who can access your boiler via the status display. Only you decide who's in your partner network!

Technical requirements for meinETA
You need a broadband connection in your home in order to be able to use meinETA. The boiler's touch screen is connected to the Internet via a network cable. And anyone who doesn't have a network connection in the basement simply connects via the ETA PowerLine. It efficiently transfers the data from any socket to the modem.

For tablet, smartphone and PC,
meinETA runs on all current operating systems, such as iOS or Android. Using a PC, meinETA can be loaded by any modern internet browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9, for example.

There for you

ETA devices are characterized by the highest quality. They feature patented systems developed in Austria. The entire assembly takes place in-house in Hausruckviertal, Austria. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, ETA customer service is on the spot quickly. An experienced, competent on-call team is available to you.


Why not have a look for yourself at - flexibility, comfort and intelligence in one, and try out the free communication platform via our DEMO version:




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