Summer business trip by LR Rudi Anschober also stops over at ETA Heiztechnik

In the course of his summer business trip to the 15 top eco commercial enterprises in Upper Austria, LR Rudi Anschober also visited ETA Heiztechnik.


Suggestions for the further development of the Upper Austria Ecojob program were discussed in meetings with director DI Ferdinand Tischler. The aim is to expand "green jobs". The sensational success of biomass heating boilers are to serve as an example.
Upper Austria is to become Europe's centre of competence – Anschober sees the best conditions to do this in our state. The sensational success of the biomass boilers is to be the model for this. As the world's best in the manufacture of heating boilers in the sector of renewable energy is located in our homeland. Seven top companies produce around 60,000 heating boilers per year – around 1,600 employees at the Upper Austrian sites generate an annual turnover of about 900 million EUR and are therefore world market leaders. ETA is also one of the seven top companies of the state and thus contributes to the continuation of the trend.

Pictures: Ernst Grilnberger, Land OÖ