From autumn 2019 - apprentices for the metal technology apprenticeship (apprenticeship duration 3.5 years)


  • Welding technology or
  • Machining technology

Your profile:

  • Interested in learning a technical profession
  • Enjoy practical work, manual dexterity and logical thinking
  • Motivation, readiness to perform, teamwork and flexibility
  • Successfully completed compulsory school - or also technical school (HTL) dropouts

For this apprenticeship, a collectively agreed trainee remuneration of EUR 590,98 net per month applies for the 1st year of training. (As of November 2015)

trial week

If you are interested in an apprenticeship as a welder or machining technician, we invite you to a trial week.


If interested please contact:

Michael Kaltenbrunner

+43 (0) 7734 / 2288-6517

oder by email: m.kaltenbrunneretaeta.coetaat


Du möchtest dich für den Lehrberuf im Bereich Metalltechnik als Schweißer oder Zerspanungstechniker bewerben? Richte deine Unterlagen bitte an:


Mag. Silke Rupertsberger

Leitung Marketing, Personalmanagement

Tel.: +43 (0) 7734 / 2288-132

Fax: +43 (0) 7734 / 2288-9132

oder per Mail: bewerbungenetaeta.coetaat